Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The return of the "Bag O' Love" and Halloween

Monday night as we were filling the tub with water for Emmie's bath, Ammon and I went into the bedroom for a minute as Emmie was content playing with her bath toys on the bathroom floor. When we came back into the bathroom, not 2 minutes later, she had found her way into the tub fully dressed and even with a poopy diaper! It was amazing. She sure thought it was great and the pictures prove it.

Halloween was fun. We spent the night trick-or-treating with Daniel (my 6 yr old bro.) and at the ward trunk-or-treat. Emmalyn found this costume at the goodwill and wouldn't put it down. We had originally planned on being an elephant, but due to my lack of planning, and her love for this dog- she got her way. She still drags the costume around the house hugging and jumping on it (both signs of affection). She is at a really fun stage right now. She is talking gibberish a ton and is signing the important things. She loves to give kisses (she has FINALLY mastered the closed mouth version), hugs, high-five, wave, and dance- oh boy can she dance! It's a ball!

Some of you might know that we have our own version of the ever-so-popular Love Sac. Its something Ammon has had since before we met. Sadly, when we moved to Oregon the foam for this bag was left behind due to lack of space in the truck. We have missed our bag and it was only just a month or so ago that we acquired enough foam to bring it back to life. It was a very joyous day in the Cheney household; no more movies watched uncomfortably, no more episodes of Arrested Development or the Office spent on a hard, unfriendly futon. Emmie, being the smart girl that she is, has grown a love for the bag as well. Ammon loves to throw her in it and she can't get enough but he does grow weary after a while. In an attempt to curb this exhaustion he decided to teach her how to jump into it. The video below is her first night learning to jump and it is pretty entertaining. The other pictures are from the day we stuffed it. Oh what a mess!

Ammon's turn...

Hi. So I love going to school! I'm very grateful to my hardworking wife that is juggling being a mother and running a business. Please keep her in your prayers so that I can keep going to college.

I'm doing well in all my classes, even math, which I thought I loathed in High School. A miracle has occurred in my life, and I am now able to excel in math and love it!

My writing is still my strength, and my greatest pride. My latest essay is at if you are interested in hearing my opinion about "sleaze in the media."

I'm able to do reasonably well in anthropology, considering we discuss a lot of cultural differences, some of which are very appalling. Fortunately I was raised in an open-minded home. I can't feel superior because of my upbringing, but I can desire that other's experience the joy that I experience by living gospel principles.

I once stated that I was seeking a major in geology, I think I will try to minor in geology and major in history. History has long been my first academic love, but I thought it conflicted with my ultimate goal of getting my masters of library and information science, turns out that there is no conflict there.

Whenever I add to the Blog I just feel strongly to thank everyone that reads, for your kind thoughts and prayers towards the Cheneys. We rely on the Lord so much, and we know that prayers are answered.

Emmalyn is growing fast. She is a delight! I love her morning smiles and kisses. She is often sitting behind me in her car seat, just laughing and laughing! I'm glad. She must realize that she needs the practice since you have to be good at laughing as a Cheney.

Monday, November 05, 2007

New Website

Well, it's happened, we finally have our new business website up and going (well, for the most part). If any of you are crazy website designers and want to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. But for now, it is what it is, and that will have to do! Also if anybody knows how to get search engines to recognize it, that would be fabulous too. Thanks! Check it out...