Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We're Back!

So we have been slacking off a bit- but we are ready to jump back in and keep everybody updated! Last week we got our pictures taken and Emmalyn is the perfect model. When we were sorting through pictures and deciding which to buy, it was soo hard because she was smiling in ALL of them. The photographer was impressed and said she was the easiest baby she had ever shot. What can I say- I have a perfect child :)
Not so much is new with us. Emmie is week away from being 7 mos. She's our hippo, weighing in at just over 18 lbs. She loves her baby cereal and has figured out that she doesn't hate bananas after all. She sits up really well, but will nose dive for any toy that is in front of her that she can't quite reach. Overall. she is a joy to have around.

On Valentines Day, last week, Ammon and I celebrated a sort of an anniversary for us. It marks three years from our first date. Granted, we were both very uninterested in each other that night, but it was still our first date. Boy were we wrong! :) We celebrated with our food of love- gourmet pizza- snuck some cold stone into the theater and watched Dream Girls. For those of you have not seen it yet- I recommend it. Its a great musical and Jennifer Hudson does an amazing job. It was a fun night.

Ammon is keeping busy at work, and I always have something going on. My Valentines Day gift was all the makings of an herb garden, so I am getting ready to start that up. I am catering a wedding ( cake and all the food) in April for some friends so I am trying to get prepped for that so things don't go crazy at the last minute. I've also been muling some ideas around in my head for a way to bring in some extra money. Once I decide what exactly I am going to do, I will let you know.

I love getting stuff for free! Lately it seems that we have just been raking it in. The people in the complex we live in put all sorts of stuff in the dumpster. Now, I know that sounds horrible- dumpster diving- but let me elaborate. We have gotten a metal bakers rack and a tv stand/entertainment center. Mind you, they are right on top, easily taken out, and washed very well- but heck they are free! I was also driving down the road a few weeks ago and there was a man unloading a bunch of stuff from his house and setting it out on his lawn for the taking. I filled up my car with a chocolate fountain, glasses, scattergories, a fire pit, very cool alice in wonderland porcelin plates (which are going to adorn the walls of Emmie's room), and much more. And last weekend, we got a $100 gift certificate in the mail from a home furnishing store because we were new move-ins. Granted, they did think that we moved into my parent's neighborhood, and that we would probably spend more that just the $100- but we took it and ran. It was fun even though there wasn't much we could get for the money- we pretty much had to pick between a glass chicken and a mirror, so we got the mirror, but hey it was free.

So that's us right now. I better get off and get Emmie ready to go. We have got to get shots today. Keep us updated on you!