Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Glamour Girl and Update

Here are the results of our quasi photo shoot this afternoon. Emmie isn't a big fan of sitting still for long, so most of our attempts are more than blurred.But a few turned out cute. I know you haven't heard from us in a while. Here's a quick update:

1. Ammon and I celebrated our 4th anniversary August 7th. Yes, I do still love him. Very much.

2. Emmie is now 2 years old and has the mentality of a 15 yr old. She's talking like crazy and is so much more than cute.

3. I've been craving Pad Thai for the past week and I think I am finally going to make some for dinner tonight.

4. I've been making cakes like crazy the past month. I didn't have a weekend in August without a wedding cake. Last weekend I had two weddings to deliver. Whew! I'm happy to be able to breathe for at least a little while now.

5. Ammon starts school up again in 2 weeks. I don't know what it's going to be like to not have him around all the time. Sad!

6. I've started attending what we so appropriately have named "bootcamp". A girl in our stake leads workouts at 5:30am for any women that want to attend. Everyday we work on a different part of the body (shoulders, legs, abs, arms, etc.) It's killing me, but I'm going to keep with it. I still need to get back to my pre-Emmie physique. I'd love to be better than that, but I'll take what I can get :)

7. Peach Fresca is my new -non-water- drink of choice.

8. Emmalyn just called me from across the house to tell me that Daddy is on the phone and brought her play phone to me and insisted that I talk to him. I then sat for 5 mins as she held the phone to my head and didn't let me budge as she said "more,more" of my ramblings to an imaginary Daddy.

9. I want to have a tamale making party and stock my freezer full of mexican goodness. Anybody interested?

10. Ammon made me Carribean Chicken with Black Bean and Pineapple Sauce for dinner a few nights ago- Pretty cool huh? I am currently enjoying the left-overs for lunch. Oooh, it's so good.

11. Life is good. Being a one-woman-show business owner and a having a student husband, things are going to get stressful, but we are happy and chugging along.
That's us.