Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lazy Sunday, Saturday too.

Not to be confused with the popular SNL Digital Short, "Lazy Sunday"
our Saturday and Sunday were were spent enjoying each other's company. Ammon actually spent a lot of time doing homework on Saturday but we were able to end it with a walk through the local Pear Blossom Fair street vendors, a Papa Murphy's Pizza, and a couple of fruit smoothies from the Human Bean.

Let's talk about the girls that work in coffee booths for a moment... Here in Oregon, our streets are practically paved with coffee stands. They are on every corner, in every shopping center, and there is basically one within walking distance no matter where you are. That said, the people that run these stands are a little crazy. The only explanation that Ammon and I have come up with is that they are just so hopped up on caffeine that they have no other option- here's the proof. On Saturday we decided to splurge on two, not one to share like usual, but a fruit smoothie for each of us from our favorite stand, The Human Bean. When pulling up to the window, the cute girl in the stand enthusiastically greeted us and took our order and proceeded to say "Ooh that sounds good" and "Yum!" after each one of our selections. She was very sincere. So thirty seconds later (no joke) she comes to the window and apologizes that it's taking so long and hops back into the kitchen. Ammon and I looked at each other in such confusion. We knew that two smoothies took much longer than the 30 seconds we had been waiting to make. So literally, 30 more seconds passed and she hops back up to the window to tell us that the smoothie machine is broke and she's just going to give them to us for free. By now we could tell that her clock was ticking a bit faster than ours was- caffeine induced or not, this girl was crazy. We did indeed drive away 2 minutes after pulling up to the stand happy and contented with our free smoothies. Here is Emmie enjoying the remnants of peach and sporting her very first skinned knee.

The next day, Sunday, we spent some time in our back yard. Actually it's more like a strip of poorly seeded grass and weeds that connects to our neighbors back porches as well, hmmm..oh well. Regardless of where we were, we had some fun with our little one in the new sunshine.


As soon as the camera comes out Emmie is all smiles.

.... Ammon hams it up a bit too!

Ammon has been trying to teach her to blow dandelions but they always end up in her mouth, yuck!

Mommy butts aren't quite made for little tykes slides

Can I have some eggs with that ham??