Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hey all! Just so you know, I've decided that instead of trying to keep two blogs up to date ( not that I ever keep even one up to date) that I will be doing the majority of my blogging on my "business" blog. I will still occasionally blog things that I don't necessarily want on the other here at cheneyville; Family pics, and random entries, etc. But for the most part, head on over to to see what's new with us!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Me and my girl

We had some post-nap fun with the camera this afternoon and thought I'd share. I figure it's been a while since my last post anyways.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas recap in 4 minutes... maybe.

Ammon and I make pizza Christmas Eve.
Emmie wakes up Christmas morning to a giant jungle mountain covered in plastic animals of all shapes and sizes nestled under the tree.
We go to my parent's house.
We eat a delicious breakfast (thanks Dad!).
We open presents.
My Brother's kindly give Dad a new house key as he lost his previous one some time ago.

Ammon and I give my brother Shawn the Body Flex box set. He's so excited he can hardly contain his self. Yes, we lovingly sensored the box.

Vincent poses for the holiday edition of G.Q.
Emmalyn adorns herself in all things pretty. Stick-on earrings, plastic rings, bracelets, hair ties, and nail polish. Grandma happily helps.
We deep fry a turkey.
We eat.
We eat.
We go home to bed.
We wake up and take off to Newport to visit Ammon's parents.
Ammon and I play on the beach.
Ammon attempts to fling the giant kelp around for a while.
I pose for G.Q. but don't get published. Who knew finger guns were so unattractive?

Ammon does the same, but is much more successful.
Emmie is cuter than anything while thrift store shopping.
Ammon and his dad have some bonding time and make the women some pizza.
We leave Newport.
We come home to a broken water heater.
Celebrate New Years Eve with family and friends.
We eat.
We eat.
Start to remember what it's like when Ammon is in school.
Dread tomorrow- the first day of school.
We wish you all a very Happy New Year!
BTW, consider this your Christmas card too. See, here's the token family picture...