Friday, August 24, 2007

Apologizing Again?

Here comes another heartfelt apology for getting behind in my responsibility to all you adoring fans of the Cheney household. I know you check back and think...just maybe... "I hope, I wish Heather put up something new. I must know, I HAVE to know what is going on in their life."
I know because the site meter emails me every so often just to spit on me and tell me what a miserable person I am. Look, I'm sorry!

Besides the fact that our once, (unknowingly), very generous neighbors have taken away our internet connection, life has been a whirlwind the past little while.

Emmalyn is a whole year old as of August 3rd. She has been walking since 11mos and is just about running now. She doing some basic signing and has so much personality. She loves to give kisses (open-mouth of course).

We had quite the blowout of a party for her and all the family was invited. She had a cake all to herself and she devoured it happily.

Since then we have just been hanging out. We went camping for four days with my family and the Cobb family. Ammon felt his inner manliness emerge as he ventured off into the woods without a hatchet to collect firewood. He and the boys appropriately coined the phrase "Wood Bashing" to describe their activities. We've been back to Newport as well to visit Ammon's parents and hang out on the beach.

Today we are enjoying labor day and spent some time at the waterslide. We just watched "Prairie Home Companion" and enjoyed a delectable frozen pizza. Life is good and we are having fun. We are in the midst of trying to start up a small cake decorating and baking business. We have a commercial kitchen to use free of rent and are starting up a cinnamon roll route across the valley. I will be advertising for wedding cakes in the meantime and be doing those on my off days from the route. Its still in the works right now, but we are excited and things are looking good. Thats all for now!